Thursday, 7 November 2013

Editing the World - one polite notice at a time....

I went for a walk the other day and passed a 'Polite Notice' pinned on a gate:

Why did the author need to say it was 'polite'? Surely the fact that they asked the reader to 'please' not obstruct the gate made it obvious it was polite! Or is it because at first glance it looks like 'Police Notice' and therefore gets your attention.  Regardless of which is the case, I went home and wrote them a new note:

Far more amusing to read and hopefully more effective!!

I have since done some 'Google' searching to try and find some other Polite Notices that might need some careful editing.  These are some that I found:


This is what I have come up with  as an alternative - I am sure you will agree it says what they actually intended to say in the first place:

This was one of the largest notices I came across:

I wouldn't change this notice, but I would post another underneath:

Last but not least....

My reply:
# Scrunch or fold?

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