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Saturday, 19 October 2013

Here goes! First post, but hopefully not the last....

Today I am contemplating T*urettes. Not contemplating developing it, but sharing random thoughts on the subject....

Is this an affliction of adults alone or also children?  If you were a child with T*urettes and you didn’t know any swear words that would be very frustrating wouldn’t it? Or would you inadvertently shout out words like: PANTS! WILLY! FRONT BOTTOM! POO!  On the other hand don’t all children do that anyway?
Body ticks as well as verbal ones would be a bummer if you were a child. You would never win ‘sleeping lions’ at your friends’ birthday parties would you?    You would go home empty handed along with the epileptic (NVPC).

What about T*urettes sufferers in foreign countries?  Surely a Frenchman or Italian with T*urettes couldn’t sound offensive! I could listen to an Italian tell me to ‘f*ck off’ all day because it sounds so sexy J
Then I wondered what would happen if two T*urettes sufferers were on the same bus.  Would they try and out- tick one another do you think? 

‘C***!’ - ‘BEAT THAT S*CKER!’

Imagine a coach full on a day trip!

And what about deaf people – do they ever suffer with T*urettes?  If so, do they use sign language?  If you saw a deaf T*urettes sufferer walking down the street you wouldn’t  give them a second glance – you would just think they were swatting at a fly or auditioning for conductor at the proms or pops! 

Imagine a coach full on a day trip!

Going back to epilepsy for a moment – I dated an epileptic for a while but he eventually broke things off because I put a spoon between his teeth once too often during sex – not realising he was having a multiple orgasm.... # shudder

Glossary of terms:
NVPC – Not very politically correct

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  1. Thank you for listening to your fans! Off to a great start. This reminded me of that old joke you told me one day "What do you call a sp*stic in a pile of leaves?"

    1. Thank you for my first comment Stephanie and for suggesting this blog in the first place :) The old jokes are the good ones!! xx