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Saturday, 26 October 2013

Poetry, poetry, how I love my poetry....

This post was not intended for today, but having run today's post past one of my groupies it was pointed out that my postings so far were beginning to form into a pattern not fitting for a 'lady' so I am toning things down for a bit.

For starters here is a Pam Ayres type poem that I wrote a few years ago...


I need to get away from where I am, to where I’m not,
And should I not return here, I will not care a jot.
I do not know the whereabouts of the place that I will go,
But I want it to be full of lots of people I don’t know.

I’ve had enough of doing all things I have to do,
And I’ve had enough of everyone, except of course for you,
I’ll soon be on my way to this place I want to be,
I’m now all packed and ready to imminently flee.

I’m at my destination – a place I haven’t been before,
Everything is great – I couldn’t ask for any more.
It is all refreshingly different; nothing is the same,
It is a welcome contrast to the life from which I came.

How long I will remain here, I really cannot say,
I’m enjoying this new home much more each passing day.
I have many new acquaintances and a brand new place of work.
If I’d stayed put where I was, I would have surely gone beserk!

The weeks have turned to months now and each passing day I find,
I’m missing many of the things that I chose to leave behind.
I miss all the boring chores that I used to have to do,
And yes I must admit that I am also missing you.

I’ve had enough of wonderlust and seeds that needed sowing.
And now I know exactly where it is that I am going.
I’m heading back to my old home that I left two months ago.
Why I ever chose to leave there, I‘ll confess I do not know.

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  1. I thought I had better go down this route for a while. Mysterious rather than explicit!